Health and Social Care


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Adult Social Care 31.07.20.pdf 865.62 KB
Assisted Dying 17.07.20.pdf 968.74 KB
Joint Replacement Waiting Times 20_06_2020.pdf 1.09 MB
Abortion (Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate and Clubfoot Bill - EDM 521.pdf 892.47 KB
Arthritis 03.06.20.pdf 698.52 KB
'Deaf Works Everywhere' - EDM 152 03.06.20.pdf 452.21 KB
Mental Health Policy 03.06.20.pdf 371.61 KB
Motor Neurone Disease (MND) 04.06.20.pdf 427.24 KB
Children's Services 04.06.20.pdf 380.71 KB
Children and Young People's Mental Health 27.04.20.pdf 434.96 KB
Diabetes and Blood Glucose Testing 27.04.20.pdf 402.26 KB
Gynaecological Cancers 27.04.20.pdf 648.02 KB
NHS Staffing 27.04.20.pdf 576.85 KB
Dementia Care and Investment 20.04.20.pdf 657.67 KB
Medical Cannabis (Regulating Prescriptions) 20.04.20.pdf 630.61 KB
Adult Social Care 17.04.20.pdf 619.44 KB
Mental Health 17.04.20.pdf 392.59 KB
Vision Impaired Children 08.04.20.pdf 414.19 KB
Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children 11.03.20.pdf 429.79 KB
Blood Cancer 11.03.20.pdf 427.45 KB
Assisted Dying 16.01.20.pdf 559.24 KB
Autism Strategy 24.10.19.pdf 377.29 KB
Diabetes and Mental Health Support 24.10.19.pdf 433.12 KB
Family Planning 24.10.19.pdf 467.71 KB
Mental Health Support in the Workplace 23.10.19.pdf 423.94 KB
NHS Eye Care 22.10.19.pdf 356.17 KB
The NHS & International Trade Agreements 21.10.19.pdf 416.07 KB
Medical Cannabis 18.10.19.pdf 612.32 KB
New Mothers' Mental Illness 10.10.19.pdf 2.6 MB
NHS Staffing 23.09.19.pdf 2.69 MB
NHS Funding 09.09.19.pdf 465.07 KB
Assisted Dying 20.08.19.pdf 645.83 KB
Cancer 19.08.19.pdf 738.35 KB
Parkinson's Disease 19.08.19.pdf 422.93 KB
Prescription Charges 23.07.19.pdf 468.89 KB
Mandatory Calorie Labelling 12.07.19.pdf 451.47 KB
Dementia Care 21.06.19.pdf 451.78 KB
'Foster Care Fortnight' Campaign 21.06.19.pdf 278.11 KB
Abortion Legislation in the United States and the UK 21.06.19.pdf 416.12 KB
Abortion in Northern Ireland 04.06.19.pdf 365 KB
Motor Neurone Disease (MND) 24.05.19.pdf 402.21 KB
NSPCC 'Close the Loophole' Campaign 30.04.19.pdf 424.51 KB
Bowel Cancer 30.04.19.pdf 417.02 KB
Parkinson's Disease 24.04.19.pdf 684.08 KB
Arthritis 01.04.19.pdf 398.15 KB
Abortion in Northern Ireland 28.03.19.pdf 419.07 KB
Austism Awareness Week 28.03.19.pdf 436.77 KB
Children and Young People's Health Strategy 28.03.19.pdf 445.29 KB
EDM 82 - Asthma Prescription Charges 28.03.19.pdf 884.22 KB
World Parkinson's Day 28.03.19.pdf 401.15 KB
Medicinal Cannabis 27.03.19.pdf 397.63 KB
EDM 2069 - HCPC Registration Fees 13.03.19.pdf 888.29 KB
Premature Babies 06.03.19.pdf 484.62 KB
NSPCC Close the Loop Hole Campaign 15.02.19.pdf 376.74 KB
Diabetic Drivers 31.01.19.pdf 335.6 KB
Assisted Dying 31.01.19.pdf 467.24 KB
Mental Capacity Bill 30.01.19.pdf 440.01 KB
NHS Waiting Times 30.01.19.pdf 489.88 KB
Pancreatic Cancer 30.01.19.pdf 456.23 KB
Secondary Breast Cancer 14.01.19.pdf 414.74 KB
Dementia Care 09.01.19.pdf 741.08 KB