Policy & Campaign Replies

A number of my constituents have subscribed to e-campaigning websites which produce regular automated campaign emails to MPs.  I am always very happy to provide responses, but a number of my constituents suggested that, rather than sending formal responses, to save the taxpayer money and for the purposes of speed, I should make these available electronically - a suggestion I have decided to adopt.  As such you can find my responses to all of these lobby campaigns, here.

Of course, if you are a subscriber to these e-campaigning websites and still wish to receive a traditional hard-copy response, please do let me know and I will happily organise for you to receive one!


Attachment Size
Refugee Family Reunion 21.06.19.pdf 431.85 KB
BBC Licence Fee for Over 75s 20.06.19.pdf 678.91 KB
First Past the Post 13.06.19.pdf 388.41 KB
Overseas Voters 04.06.19.pdf 345.43 KB
Disguised Remuneration (2019 Loan Charge) 24.05.19.pdf 734.38 KB
Animals as Sentient Beings 30.04.19.pdf 483.05 KB
Austism Friendly Parliament 30.04.19.pdf 428.28 KB
Bowel Cancer 30.04.19.pdf 417.02 KB
NSPCC 'Close the Loophole' Campaign 30.04.19.pdf 424.51 KB
Trophy Hunting & Imports - EDM 1829 30.04.19.pdf 896.31 KB
Leyland Bridge Update 24.04.19.pdf 866.76 KB
Racehorse Welfare 24.04.19.pdf 415.54 KB
Aged and Veteran Trees (Woodlands Trust) 01.04.19.pdf 317.53 KB
Cocoa Production 01.04.19.pdf 412.02 KB
Immigration Detention Time Limit 01.04.19.pdf 330.87 KB
Local Clean Energy 01.04.19.pdf 453.38 KB
Live Animal Exports 28.03.19.pdf 402.86 KB
EDM 2113 - Warfare Experiments 28.03.19.pdf 864.04 KB
Consumer Credit and Payday Lending 20.03.19.pdf 426.56 KB
EDM 2069 - HCPC Registration Fees 13.03.19.pdf 888.29 KB
Save Our Pubs Campaign 11.02.19.pdf 426.63 KB
Voluntary Aided Schools 06.02.19.pdf 401.9 KB
Post-Brexit Immigration System 23.01.19.pdf 2.64 MB
Christmas Jumper Day 14.01.19.pdf 391.28 KB
Fixed Odds Betting Terminals 06.12.18.pdf 348.9 KB
Future Agricultural Policy 06.12.18.pdf 386.75 KB
Refugees and Family Reunion 26.11.18.pdf 577.35 KB
Kweku Adoboli 21.11.18.pdf 299.73 KB
Legal Aid 21.11.18.pdf 257.69 KB
Local Government Funding 21.11.18.pdf 648.38 KB
Small Claims Limit Increase 16.11.18.pdf 419.22 KB
Asylum Accomodation 05.11.18.pdf 6.48 MB
Fracking 05.11.18.pdf 6.17 MB
Small Claims Limit Increase 03.10.18.pdf 6.42 MB
Fracking (Planning) 27.09.18.pdf 6.5 MB
Support for Pubs 27.09.18.pdf 6.57 MB
BBC Impartiality 20.09.18.pdf 3.52 MB
Support for Pubs 07.08.18.pdf 343.77 KB
Peterborough's 'Green Lung' 24.07.18.pdf 6.2 MB
Shale Energy Development (Planning) 24.07.18.pdf 6.48 MB
Disguised Remuneration (2019 Loan Charge) 17.07.18.pdf 5.9 MB
Immigration Detention 17.07.18.pdf 6.45 MB
The Asylum System (Refugee Action Campaign) 17.07.18.pdf 6.55 MB
Yarl's Wood 17.07.18.pdf 6.41 MB
Relocation of Unaccompanied Children from Europe 13.07.18.pdf 645.39 KB
Snares 13.07.18.pdf 308.73 KB
Carbon Emissions 12.07.18.pdf 306.6 KB
Prescription Charges for People with Long-Term Conditions 12.pdf 336.14 KB
Protection for Whistleblowers 12.07.18.pdf 322.44 KB
Royal College of Emergency Medicine Vision 2020 12.07.18.pdf 374.34 KB
Walking Britain (Ramblers Campaign) 12.07.18.pdf 300.49 KB
School Holiday Food Campaign 09.07.18.pdf 404.12 KB
Private Sector Involvement in the NHS. 09.07.18.pdf 1.06 MB
Public Inquiry into UK Complicity in Torture and Rendition 09.07.18.pdf 6.43 MB
Use of Lethal Action Outside of Armed Conflict (Reprieve Campaign) 09.07.18.pdf 6.36 MB
Tier 2 Visas and the NHS 29.06.18.pdf 318.18 KB
National Fostering Stock Take Report 'Foster Care in England' 26.06.18.pdf 394.9 KB
Iran Nuclear Deal - EDM 1251 26.06.18.pdf 690.33 KB
Cladding & Affordable Homes 21.06.18..pdf 4.08 MB
EDM 1233 - Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) 11.06.18.pdf 849.76 KB
Abortion Law in Northern Ireland 07.06.18.pdf 334 KB
Al Qurds Day March & Hezbollah 07.06.18.pdf 482.47 KB
Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill 07.06.18.pdf 351.7 KB
Gaming Machine Reforms 29.05.18.pdf 464.01 KB
Heart of Planning - NPPF 29.05.18.pdf 359.19 KB
Leveson Recommendations 29.05.18.pdf 625.36 KB
Local Housing Allowance Rates 29.05.18.pdf 382.68 KB
The Balfour Declaration 29.05.18.pdf 341.55 KB
Protect the Greenbelt 17.05.18.pdf 362.12 KB
'New Clause Two' - Stop Tax Avoidance 17.05.18.pdf 365.6 KB
Internally Displaced People 17.05.18.pdf 660.73 KB
Brexit and NHS Workers from the EU 17.05.18.pdf 376.85 KB
Bedford Local Plan 16.05.18.pdf 944.25 KB
Accountable Care Organisations and Privatisation of the NHS 15.05.18.pdf 330.38 KB
Alleged Breaches of Electoral Law 01.05.2018.pdf 292.52 KB
Assault on Emergency Workers Bill 01.05.2018.pdf 1.7 MB
Recent Military Action in Syria 25.04.18 2.31 MB
Commonwealth Citizens and the 'Windrush Generation' 18.04.2018.pdf 1.05 MB
Firearms Licensing Medical Procedure 21.03.2018.pdf 385.5 KB
Data Protection Bill and Intelligence Sharing 21.03.2018.pdf 308.21 KB
EDM 696 20.03.2018.pdf 986.59 KB
Private Use of Fireworks 07.03.2018.pdf 462.55 KB
Energy Price Cap 01.03.2018.pdf 941.1 KB
Finance Bill Amendment on Children's Services 08.01.2018.pdf 321.09 KB