Policy & Campaign Replies

A number of my constituents have subscribed to e-campaigning websites which produce regular automated campaign emails to MPs.  I am always very happy to provide responses, but a number of my constituents suggested that, rather than sending formal responses, to save the taxpayer money and for the purposes of speed, I should make these available electronically - a suggestion I have decided to adopt.  As such you can find my responses to all of these lobby campaigns, here.

Of course, if you are a subscriber to these e-campaigning websites and still wish to receive a traditional hard-copy response, please do let me know and I will happily organise for you to receive one!


Attachment Size
Brexit Statement 15.03.19 1.84 MB
EDM 2069 - HCPC Registration Fees 13.03.19.pdf 888.29 KB
Plastic Pollution 13.03.19.pdf 449.01 KB
Premature Babies 06.03.19.pdf 484.62 KB
Brexit Statement 04.03.19.pdf 927.83 KB
Future Trade Agreements 27.02.19.pdf 458.42 KB
Unicef Toxic Air Campaign 27.02.19.pdf 433.73 KB
End the Caging of Pheasants 15.02.19.pdf 834.41 KB
Environment Bill 15.02.19.pdf 469.97 KB
NSPCC Close the Loop Hole Campaign 15.02.19.pdf 376.74 KB
The Agriculture Bill 15.02.19.pdf 398.46 KB
The Modern Slavery Act 15.02.19.pdf 432.08 KB
Save Our Pubs Campaign 11.02.19.pdf 426.63 KB
Exiting the European Union 08.02.19.pdf 1.52 MB
EDM 1854 - Brazilian President 06.02.19.pdf 871.88 KB
Homelessness 'Everybody In' 06.02.19.pdf 449.34 KB
Homelessness - St Mungo's 06.02.19.pdf 473.17 KB
Voluntary Aided Schools 06.02.19.pdf 401.9 KB
Assisted Dying 31.01.19.pdf 467.24 KB
Diabetic Drivers 31.01.19.pdf 335.6 KB
Foie Gras 31.01.19.pdf 352.4 KB
Mental Capacity Bill 30.01.19.pdf 440.01 KB
NHS Waiting Times 30.01.19.pdf 489.88 KB
Pancreatic Cancer 30.01.19.pdf 456.23 KB
Future Agricultural Policy 28.01.19.pdf 383.84 KB
Universal Credit 28.01.19.pdf 643.57 KB
Funding for the 'Staying Put' Scheme 23.01.19.pdf 2.59 MB
Horse Tethering 23.01.19.pdf 2.47 MB
Post-Brexit Immigration System 23.01.19.pdf 2.64 MB
Christmas Jumper Day 14.01.19.pdf 391.28 KB
Secondary Breast Cancer 14.01.19.pdf 414.74 KB
Save Our Paths 15.01.19.pdf 352.85 KB
Dementia Care 09.01.19.pdf 741.08 KB
Trophy Hunting and Imports - EDM 1829 09.01.19.pdf 888.36 KB
UK Aid and Palestinian Terrorism 09.01.19.pdf 389.6 KB
Statement on Brexit and the way forward - 11.01.19.pdf 6.57 MB
Statement on Brexit and the way forward - 21.12.18.pdf 5.69 MB
Pavement Parking 10.12.18.pdf 677.83 KB
Food Labelling and Allergens 07.12.18.pdf 373.81 KB
Fixed Odds Betting Terminals 06.12.18.pdf 348.9 KB
Future Agricultural Policy 06.12.18.pdf 386.75 KB
Trophy Hunting and Imports 06.12.18.pdf 295.17 KB
Freedom of Religion 27.11.18.pdf 366.57 KB
NHS Waiting Times 27.11.18.pdf 352.27 KB
Travel Fund for Young Cancer Patients 27.11.18.pdf 285.25 KB
Driving Offences 26.11.18.pdf 270.32 KB
Payday Lenders 26.11.18.pdf 390.09 KB
Racehorse Welfare and Safety 26.11.18.pdf 327.54 KB
Refugees and Family Reunion 26.11.18.pdf 577.35 KB
Sex-Selective Abortion 26.11.18.pdf 379.23 KB
UK Relations with Saudi Arabia 26.11.18.pdf 404.68 KB
Health Education System 22.11.18.pdf 389.83 KB
Multiple Sclerosis 22.11.18.pdf 364.06 KB
Postnatal Mental Health 22.11.18.pdf 325.32 KB
Puppy Smuggling 22.11.18.pdf 372.1 KB
Water Industry Nationalisation - EDM 1711 22.11.18.pdf 744.55 KB
Cancer 21.11.18.pdf 556.9 KB
Highway Code Review (Horse Riders) 21.11.18.pdf 323.14 KB
Kweku Adoboli 21.11.18.pdf 299.73 KB
Legal Aid 21.11.18.pdf 257.69 KB
Local Government Funding 21.11.18.pdf 648.38 KB
Operation Defend Israel 21.11.18.pdf 348.12 KB
Alcohol Duties 19.11.18.pdf 531.18 KB
Israel Demolitions and Settlements 16.11.18.pdf 307.57 KB
Small Claims Limit Increase 16.11.18.pdf 419.22 KB
Horse Tethering 15.11.18.pdf 292.81 KB
Human Rights Defenders 15.11.18.pdf 383.94 KB
Mental Health Policy 15.11.18.pdf 593.55 KB
Three-Year Tenancies 15.11.18.pdf 351.53 KB
Uprating the State Pension Overseas 14.11.18.pdf 279.69 KB
Secondary Breast Cancer 14.11.18..pdf 383.12 KB
End of Life Care 14.11.18.pdf 309 KB
Cycle Safety Review 14.11.18.pdf 334.36 KB
Access to Welfare (Terminal Illness Definition) Bill 12.11.18.pdf 365.3 KB
Bahrain (Human Rights Violations) 12.11.18.pdf 350.74 KB
Corporation Tax 12.11.18.pdf 340.59 KB
European Union (Withdrawal) Act and the Environment 12.11.18.pdf 339.03 KB
National Pollinator Strategy 12.11.18.pdf 337.3 KB
Assisted Dying 05.11.18.pdf 6.53 MB
Asylum Accomodation 05.11.18.pdf 6.48 MB
Fracking 05.11.18.pdf 6.17 MB
Homelessness 05.11.18.pdf 6.43 MB
School Funding 05.11.18.pdf 6.51 MB
Diana Johnson MP's Ten Minute Rule Bill - Abortion 23.10.2018.pdf 354.3 KB
Long-term NHS Funding 10.10.2018.pdf 352.57 KB
Factory Farming 03.10.18..pdf 6.56 MB
Modern Slavery 03.10.18.pdf 369.73 KB
Small Claims Limit Increase 03.10.18.pdf 6.42 MB
The Rohingya Crisis 28.09.18.pdf 6.4 MB
Fracking (Planning) 27.09.18.pdf 6.5 MB
Support for Pubs 27.09.18.pdf 6.57 MB
Pensions Dashboard 24.09.18.pdf 6.47 MB
BBC Impartiality 20.09.18.pdf 3.52 MB
Blood Cancer 18.09.18.pdf 6.48 MB
Children's Society Campaign - 'Crumbling Futures' 18.09.18.pdf 6.68 MB
Second Referendum (People's Vote Campaign) 18.09.18.pdf 6.62 MB
Alzheimer's Society 17.09.18.pdf 6.61 MB
Gamebird Battery Cages 17.09.18.pdf 6.43 MB
Cancer 11.09.18.pdf 360.33 KB
Religious Freedom 11.09.18.pdf 6.51 MB
Future Agricultural Policy & Paths 10.09.18.pdf 6.35 MB
Guide Dogs 10.09.18.pdf 6.42 MB
Road Safety & Cycling 10.09.18.pdf 4.66 MB
Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary 10.08.18.pdf 339.38 KB
Lynch Syndrome and Bowel Cancer 08.08.18.pdf 287.63 KB
Support for Pubs 07.08.18.pdf 343.77 KB
European Union (Withdrawal) Act 01.08.18.pdf 383.08 KB
Personal Independence Payment Assessment Providers 01.08.18.pdf 527.26 KB
Alcohol Duties 27.07.18.pdf 372.46 KB
UN Relief and Work Agency 26.07.18.pdf 6.26 MB
Peterborough's 'Green Lung' 24.07.18.pdf 6.2 MB
Shale Energy Development (Planning) 24.07.18.pdf 6.48 MB
Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) 19.07.18.pdf 4.51 MB
Violence at the Gaza - Israel Border (EDM 1163) 19.07.18.pdf 5.56 MB
Breast Cancer (EDM 416) 17.07.18.pdf 6.22 MB
Disguised Remuneration (2019 Loan Charge) 17.07.18.pdf 5.9 MB
Immigration Detention 17.07.18.pdf 6.45 MB
The Asylum System (Refugee Action Campaign) 17.07.18.pdf 6.55 MB
The Trade Bill 17.07.18.pdf 4.81 MB
Yarl's Wood 17.07.18.pdf 6.41 MB
Funding for Supported Housing (St Mungo's Campaign) 13.07.18.pdf 350.11 KB
Relocation of Unaccompanied Children from Europe 13.07.18.pdf 645.39 KB
Sainsbury's Contracts 13.07.18.pdf 325.39 KB
Snares 13.07.18.pdf 308.73 KB
Student Finance 13.07.18.pdf 346.58 KB
Tenant Fees Bill (Generation Rent Campaign) 13.07.18.pdf 339.86 KB
Carbon Emissions 12.07.18.pdf 306.6 KB
Prescription Charges for People with Long-Term Conditions 12.pdf 336.14 KB
Protection for Whistleblowers 12.07.18.pdf 322.44 KB
Public Sector Pay 12.07.18.pdf 360.14 KB
Royal College of Emergency Medicine Vision 2020 12.07.18.pdf 374.34 KB
Walking Britain (Ramblers Campaign) 12.07.18.pdf 300.49 KB
Air Quality and Pollution (Non-Car) 11.07.18.pdf 354.56 KB
Civil Service Pay Guidance 11.07.18.pdf 342.92 KB
Executive Pay 11.07.18.pdf 379.35 KB
Perinatal Mental Health and Health Visitors 11.07.18.pdf 568.49 KB
Personal Service Companies and Tax (IR35) 11.07.18.pdf 361.01 KB
Pet Theft 11.07.18.pdf 329.65 KB
Adult Social Care 12.07.18.pdf 562.53 KB
Plastic Free Parliament 11.07.18.pdf 584.44 KB
Motor Neurone Disease (MND) 10.07.18.pdf 515.03 KB
Onshore Wind (Climate Action Campaign) 10.07.18.pdf 364.97 KB
Food Poverty and Food Banks 09.07.18.pdf 320.88 KB
School Holiday Food Campaign 09.07.18.pdf 404.12 KB
Second Referendum (Fair Vote Campaign) 09.07.18.pdf 588.29 KB
Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Bill 10.07.18.pdf 6.5 MB
E10 Petrol Campaign 09.07.18.pdf 6.26 MB
Future Agricultural Policy 09.07.18.pdf 6.49 MB
Lion Conservation and Trophy Imports 09.07.18.pdf 6.47 MB
Multiple Sclerosis and Adult Social Care. 09.07.18.pdf 477.82 KB
Operation Defend Israel - Hamas in Gaza 09.07.18.pdf 6.49 MB
Private Sector Involvement in the NHS. 09.07.18.pdf 1.06 MB
Public Inquiry into UK Complicity in Torture and Rendition 09.07.18.pdf 6.43 MB
The Bank of England and Monetary Policy 09.07.18.pdf 6.39 MB
Use of Lethal Action Outside of Armed Conflict (Reprieve Campaign) 09.07.18.pdf 6.36 MB
'Everybody In' Homelessness Campaign 28.06.18.pdf 6.48 MB
Alternative Ways To Lower Vehicle Emissions 05.07.18.pdf 342.87 KB
Long-Term NHS Funding 05.07.18.pdf 357.38 KB
Children's Society Campaign - 'Crumbling Futures' 04.07.18.pdf 439.66 KB
Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary 02.07.18.pdf 381.2 KB
Heathrow Expansion 28.06.18.pdf 422.8 KB
Arms Sales to Israel (EDM 1305) 26.06.18.pdf 816.61 KB
Tier 2 Visas and the NHS 29.06.18.pdf 318.18 KB
Premature Births (Bliss Campaign) 28.06.18.pdf 490.24 KB
Lung Disease 28.06.18.pdf 389.11 KB
Education in Developing Countries 27.06.18.pdf 491.03 KB
Assisted Dying 27.06.18.pdf 469 KB
National Fostering Stock Take Report 'Foster Care in England' 26.06.18.pdf 394.9 KB
Abortion Law and Misoprostol 26.06.18.pdf 289.94 KB
Iran Nuclear Deal - EDM 1251 26.06.18.pdf 690.33 KB
Disability Inclusive Development - Sightsavers' 'Put Us in the Picture' Campaign 26.06.18.pdf 345.37 KB
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Market Agreement (CETA) 25.06.18.pdf 490.42 KB
Upskirting 21.06.18.pdf 290.74 KB
Ancient Woodland & Planning Policy 21.06.18.pdf 4.16 MB
Cladding & Affordable Homes 21.06.18..pdf 4.08 MB
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) - EDM 1247 - 21.06.18.pdf 5.5 MB
Childhood Obesity Strategy 20.06.2018.pdf 493.44 KB
Access to Elected Office Fund 20.06.2018.pdf 325.84 KB
Israeli Demolitions and Settlements (EDM 1169) 20.06.2018.pdf 707.11 KB
Supporting Deaf Children - National Deaf Children's Society Cam.pdf 331.48 KB
Wild Animals in Circuses 18.06.18.pdf 271.54 KB
Pavement Parking 15.06.18.pdf 375.31 KB
NHS Mandate and Waiting Times 14.06.18.pdf 338.02 KB
EDM 1233 - Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) 11.06.18.pdf 849.76 KB
Repeal Bill and the Environment 11.06.18.pdf 438.52 KB
Abortion Law in Northern Ireland 07.06.18.pdf 334 KB
Al Qurds Day March & Hezbollah 07.06.18.pdf 482.47 KB
Alzheimer's Society 07.06.18.pdf 434.24 KB
EDM 1140 - Civil Liability Bill 07.06.18.pdf 841.51 KB
Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill 07.06.18.pdf 351.7 KB
Stop 'Israel Apartheid Week' 29.05.18.pdf 467.72 KB
Gaming Machine Reforms 29.05.18.pdf 464.01 KB
EU Withdrawal Bill - EEA Vote 29.05.18.pdf 342.2 KB
Affordable Medicines For All 29.05.18.pdf 617.22 KB
Heart of Planning - NPPF 29.05.18.pdf 359.19 KB
Israel Arms Embargo 29.05.18.pdf 597.59 KB
Leveson Recommendations 29.05.18.pdf 625.36 KB
Live Animal Exports 29.05.18.pdf 355.37 KB
Local Housing Allowance Rates 29.05.18.pdf 382.68 KB
Macmillan Cancer Support 29.05.18.pdf 628.6 KB
Mental Health Funding 29.05.18.pdf 715.85 KB
The Balfour Declaration 29.05.18.pdf 341.55 KB
Trial Shifts 17.05.18.pdf 320.62 KB
Protect the Greenbelt 17.05.18.pdf 362.12 KB
Nurses Pay 17.05.18.pdf 602.3 KB
NHS Capped Expenditure 17.05.18.pdf 706.4 KB
'New Clause Two' - Stop Tax Avoidance 17.05.18.pdf 365.6 KB
Internally Displaced People 17.05.18.pdf 660.73 KB
Hospital Parking Charges 17.05.18.pdf 386.77 KB
British Sign Language GCSE 17.05.18.pdf 375.04 KB
Brexit and NHS Workers from the EU 17.05.18.pdf 376.85 KB
Autism 17.05.18.pdf 562.03 KB
Bedford Local Plan 16.05.18.pdf 944.25 KB
Adult Social Care 15.05.18.pdf 542.05 KB
Accountable Care Organisations and Privatisation of the NHS 15.05.18.pdf 330.38 KB
Food Labelling Matters 12.05.2018.pdf 918.79 KB
Hormone Injected Beef 09.05.18.pdf 304.62 KB
Alleged Breaches of Electoral Law 01.05.2018.pdf 292.52 KB
Assault on Emergency Workers Bill 01.05.2018.pdf 1.7 MB
Recent Military Action in Syria 25.04.18 2.31 MB
Commonwealth Citizens and the 'Windrush Generation' 18.04.2018.pdf 1.05 MB
Yezidi Women (Isis Survivors) Exhibition 18.04.2018.pdf 258.18 KB
Food Labelling Matters 12.04.18.pdf 880.53 KB
Animal Cruelty Sentencing 12.04.2018.pdf 276.74 KB
Diabetes and Food Labelling 12.04.2018.pdf 359.39 KB
Fur 12.04.2018.pdf 274.38 KB
Eating Disorders Awareness 12.04.2018.pdf 522.06 KB
NSPCC-Are you there 12.04.2018.pdf 503.33 KB
The Children's Society - Crumbling Fixtures 12.04.2018.pdf 558.74 KB
End Rough Sleeping 29.03.2018.pdf 382.15 KB
Firearms Licensing Medical Procedure 21.03.2018.pdf 385.5 KB
Financial Services Duty of Care 21.03.2018.pdf 350.59 KB
Data Protection Bill and Intelligence Sharing 21.03.2018.pdf 308.21 KB
The Central Equine Database 21.03.2018.pdf 322.44 KB
EDM 619 20.03.2018.pdf 908.11 KB
EDM 128 20.03.2018.pdf 714.49 KB
EDM 158 20.03.2018.pdf 746.53 KB
Brexit and Devolution 20.03.2018.pdf 319.83 KB
EDM 865 20.03.2018.pdf 914.25 KB
EDM 696 20.03.2018.pdf 986.59 KB
Medical Cannibis and Alfie Dingley 20.03.2018.pdf 403 KB
Medical Professionals and Conscientious Objection 20.03.2018.pdf 899.2 KB
The Occupation of Western Sahara 20.03.2018.pdf 298.73 KB
Back your Bookie 07.03.2018.pdf 313.96 KB
Free School Meals 13.03.2018.pdf 2.94 MB
Private Use of Fireworks 07.03.2018.pdf 462.55 KB
Fix Dementia Care 07.03.2018.pdf 494.09 KB
Don't Cut Our Schools 07.03.2018.pdf 508.48 KB
Autism and Education 07.03.2018.pdf 520.69 KB
Brexit Impact Studies 07.03.2018.pdf 459.98 KB
Breastfeeding 07.03.2018.pdf 460.9 KB
Persecution of Christians 07.03.2018.pdf 350.39 KB
Climate Change and Energy Efficient Homes 07.03.2018.pdf 470.3 KB
Dangerous Restraint in Hospitals 07.03.2018.pdf 396.73 KB
Assistance Dogs and Taxis 07.03.2018.pdf 371.75 KB
Supporting Deaf Children 07.03.2018.pdf 492.15 KB
Supporting Disabled People into Employment 07.03.2018.pdf 388.15 KB
Ban Hezbollah 07.03.2018.pdf 508.36 KB
Palestine Human Rights Abuse 07.03.2018.pdf 992.05 KB
Catholic Schools 07.03.2018.pdf 366.14 KB
Hospital Transport for Older Patients 05.03.2018.pdf 357.84 KB
Energy Price Cap 01.03.2018.pdf 941.1 KB
Nationalising the East Coast Mainline 01.03.2018.pdf 574.93 KB
NHS Winter Pressures and Funding 20.02.18.pdf 538.47 KB
Trade Bill 25.01.2018.pdf 581.44 KB
Animal Testing 17.01.2018.pdf 872.02 KB
Bowel Cancer Screening 17.01.2018.pdf 907.7 KB
Puppy Smuggling 17.01.2018.pdf 328.16 KB
Finance Bill Amendment on Children's Services 08.01.2018.pdf 321.09 KB
Blue Belt Charter 14.12.2017.pdf 550.33 KB
Animals as Sentient Beings 23.11.2017.pdf 1.03 MB
Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia 14.11.2017.pdf 373.86 KB
Bring Refugee Families Together 14.11.2017.pdf 540.86 KB
Assault on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill 03.11.2017.pdf 2.45 MB
Parental Bereavement Bill 31.10.2017.pdf 321.9 KB
Environments Standards and Rivers 31.10.2017.pdf 374.85 KB
Factory Farming 31.10.2017.pdf 321.56 KB
Please Take Action on PIP 31.10.2017.pdf 370.1 KB
The Roll-out of Universal Credit 31.10.2017.pdf 1.35 MB
Environmental Protections as we leave the EU 29.10.2017.pdf 249.09 KB
Stand up for Academic Freedom 29.10.2017.pdf 337.05 KB
Save the Children's Campaign 10.10.2017.pdf 357.55 KB
The Children's Society Campaign 10.10.2017.pdf 357.8 KB
Improve Care Home Choice 10.10.2017.pdf 457.58 KB
Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes 09.10.2017.pdf 571.6 KB
Vote 'No' on the European Withdrawal Bill 09.10.2017.pdf 512.07 KB
Animals are Sentient Beings 09.10.2017.pdf 353.22 KB
Royal British Legion's 2017 Manifesto - 09-10-17 482.37 KB
Neonictinoids - 09-10-17 232.82 KB
Anthony Nolan's 'Who Cares' Campaign - 09-10-17 263.56 KB
Beating Cancer - 09-10-17 560.83 KB
Selection Committee - 21.09.17 337.36 KB
The European Union Repeal Bill 30.08.2017.pdf 559.14 KB
Ban Cages for Breeding Gamebirds 30.08.2017.pdf 446.6 KB
Help to Save the Lives of those with Blood Cancer 30.08.2017.pdf 313.25 KB
British Prisoners in Iran 30.08.2017.pdf 328.62 KB
Keep Our Pubs Afloat 22.08.2017 337.77 KB
Freedom From Torture 22.08.2017.pdf 555.21 KB
Fair Fuel UK Campaign 22.08.2017.pdf 369.67 KB
Foie Gras 22.08.2017.pdf 797.92 KB
Precarious Contracts 22.08.2017.pdf 333.13 KB
War on Want 21.08.2017.pdf 356.93 KB
Beer Duty and Business Rates 20.03.2017 313.32 KB
Drop the Abortion Case Against Northern Ireland Mother 22.08.2017 287.43 KB
Fox Hunting 21.08.17.pdf 233.21 KB
Sky Takeover Bid 15.08.2017.pdf 630.09 KB
Grenfell Tower Fire and Housing Policy 17.07.2017.pdf 512.27 KB
Autism Friendly Campaign 17.07.2017.pdf 345.73 KB
Pledge to Protect Animals 17.07.2017.pdf 450.28 KB
Bees and Brexit 17.07.2017.pdf 370.11 KB
Animal Testing 17.07.2017.pdf 354.88 KB
Ancient Woodland APPG 10.07.2017.pdf 307.12 KB
Becoming an Age Champion 10.07.2017.pdf 297.54 KB
UK Aid 07.07.2017.pdf 363.87 KB
EU Citizens 30.06.2017.pdf 3.78 MB
Mental Health in Schools 29.06.2017 526.35 KB
HIV & AIDS 29.06.2017 324.58 KB
Northern Irish Women Gaining Access to NHS-Funded Abortions in England 29.06.2017 678.49 KB
House of Lords 29.06.2017.pdf 239.77 KB
Assisted Suicide 29.06.2017.pdf 490.55 KB
Confidence and Supply Agreement with DUP 27.06.2017.pdf 349.17 KB
Permitted Development Rights 25.04.2017.pdf 276.52 KB
MP's Pension Scheme and Climate Change 20.04.2017.pdf 244.87 KB
Bees 20.04.2017.pdf 251.97 KB
Diesel Vehicles 20.04.2017.pdf 503.66 KB
NHS Pay 19.04.2017 314.96 KB
Social Care 19.04.2017.pdf 327.62 KB
Animal Cruelty Sentencing 04.04.2017.pdf 269.98 KB
Universal Duty to Give Way 04.04.2017.pdf 324.4 KB
Lung Disease 04.04.2017.pdf 344.35 KB
Loneliness 04.04.2017.pdf 331.36 KB
Parking on Pavements 04.04.2017.pdf 329.61 KB
Issa Amro 04.04.2017.pdf 273.69 KB
Personal Independence Payments 04.04.2017.pdf 540.67 KB
Animal Cruelty and Third Party Sales 04.04.2017.pdf 315.97 KB
Ancient Woodland 04.04.2017.pdf 281.63 KB
Asylum for Torture Survivors 20.03.2017 466.92 KB
Abortion 20.03.2017 332.74 KB
Private Renting Solutions 20.03.2017.pdf 338.21 KB
Cost of Children's Funerals 20.03.2017.pdf 357.71 KB
Israel Apartheid Week 15.03.2017.pdf 337.3 KB
Local Bus Services 15.03.2017.pdf 312.48 KB
Status of EU Nationals 13.03.2017 634.44 KB
Breeding and Sale of Pets 09.03.017.pdf 334.98 KB
Plastic Microbeads - 23.02.17.pdf 349.69 KB
Animal Cruelty Sentencing - 21.02.17.pdf 307.38 KB
Conflict in Yemen - 20.02.17.pdf 555.98 KB
Green Investment Bank - 20.02.17.pdf 337.54 KB
Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories - 2.pdf 386.94 KB
PSHE - 20.02.17.pdf 558.46 KB
Trade & Poverty - 13-02-17 290.33 KB
Governance of the Football Association - 13-02-17 327.01 KB
Families in Debt - 13-02-17 275.71 KB
Fuel Prices - 06-02-17 314.77 KB
Ivory Trade - 06-02-17 314.46 KB
Proportional Representation and EDM 591 - 31-01-17 1004.84 KB
EDM 833 - 31-01-17 1.05 MB
Kadcyla - 31-01-17 302.55 KB
Proposed Takeover of Punch Taverns plc by Heineken - 31-01-17 323.71 KB
Bowel Cancer - 31-01-17 321.55 KB
Nursing Pay - 31-01-17 334.28 KB
NHS - 25-01-17 703.35 KB
Protection of Police Support Animals - 17-01-17 357.64 KB
Maximum Workplace Temperature - 17-01-17 1.01 MB
Civil Partnerships - 17-01-17 341.54 KB
Arthritis Employment Support - 09-01-17 362.36 KB
Proposed Purchase of Sky - 04-01-17 350.25 KB