Exiting the EU


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UK-US Free Trade Agreement (Food Standards) 03.07.2020.pdf 1.33 MB
The NHS and Future Trade Deals 02.07.2020.pdf 932.53 KB
UK-US Free Trade Agreement 28.06.20.pdf 2.45 MB
EU Exit Transition Period 20.06.20.pdf 952.92 KB
Asylum Seekers and Refugees - New Clause 37 of the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 27.01.20.pdf 1.58 MB
Brexit - My latest thoughts - 29th March 2019.pdf 745.55 KB
Indicative Votes 29.07.19.pdf 2.69 MB
No-Deal 29.07.19.pdf 2.59 MB
Second Referendum 29.07.2019.pdf 5.14 MB
Immigration after the UK's 'Exit' from the EU 13.06.19.pdf 394.93 KB
Leave the European Union 05.04.19.pdf 1.95 MB
No Deal 11.04.19.pdf 2.01 MB
Recent Votes Relating to the European Union 08.04.19.pdf 1.95 MB
Vote for the Withdrawal Agreement 05.04.19.pdf 1.3 MB
Brexit and Devolution 20.03.2018.pdf 319.83 KB
Brexit Impact Studies 07.03.2018.pdf 459.98 KB
Brexit Statement 04.03.19.pdf 927.83 KB
Brexit Statement 15th March 2019.pdf 1.84 MB
Brexit Update - Remain in the European Union 05.04.19.pdf 692.69 KB
Brexit Update - Revocation of Article 50 05.04.19.pdf 615.36 KB
Brexit Update - Second Referendum 05.04.19.pdf 661.04 KB
EU Withdrawal Bill - EEA Vote 29.05.18.pdf 342.2 KB
European Union (Withdrawal) Act 01.08.18.pdf 383.08 KB
European Union (Withdrawal) Act and the Environment 12.11.18.pdf 339.03 KB
Exiting the European Union 08.02.19.pdf 1.52 MB
Second Referendum (Fair Vote Campaign) 09.07.18.pdf 588.29 KB
Second Referendum (People's Vote Campaign) 18.09.18.pdf 6.62 MB
Statement on Brexit and the way forward - 11.01.19.pdf 6.57 MB
Statement on Brexit and the way forward - 21.12.18.pdf 5.69 MB