Business, Energy, Industrial Strategy, and Trade


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Westminster Hall Debate on Incineration 29.01.20.pdf 296.66 KB
Onshore Wind Farms 09.10.19.pdf 2.61 MB
Water Industry Nationalisation - EDM 1761 24.09.19.pdf 4.59 MB
Support for Pubs 10.07.19.pdf 455.87 KB
Alcohol Duties 19.11.18.pdf 531.18 KB
Back your Bookie 07.03.2018.pdf 313.96 KB
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Market Agreement (CETA) 25.06.18.pdf 490.42 KB
Corporation Tax 12.11.18.pdf 340.59 KB
EDM 128 20.03.2018.pdf 714.49 KB
EDM 1140 - Civil Liability Bill 07.06.18.pdf 841.51 KB
Financial Services Duty of Care 21.03.2018.pdf 350.59 KB
Freehold and Service Charges 11.04.19.pdf 394.68 KB
Future Trade Agreements 27.02.19.pdf 458.42 KB
Payday Lenders 26.11.18.pdf 390.09 KB
Sainsbury's Contracts 13.07.18.pdf 325.39 KB
Sale of Royal Bank of Scotland Shares 24.04.19.pdf 422.14 KB
Tenant Fees Bill (Generation Rent Campaign) 13.07.18.pdf 339.86 KB
The Bank of England and Monetary Policy 09.07.18.pdf 6.39 MB
The Trade Bill 17.07.18.pdf 4.81 MB
Three-Year Tenancies 15.11.18.pdf 351.53 KB
Trade Bill 25.01.2018.pdf 581.44 KB
Trial Shifts 17.05.18.pdf 320.62 KB
Trophy Hunting and Imports - EDM 1829 09.01.19.pdf 888.36 KB
Carbon Emissions 12.07.18.pdf 306.6 KB
Energy Price Cap 01.03.2018.pdf 941.1 KB
Fracking (Planning) 27.09.18.pdf 6.5 MB
Fracking 05.11.18.pdf 6.17 MB
Local Clean Energy 01.04.19.pdf 453.38 KB
Private Use of Fireworks 07.03.2018.pdf 462.55 KB
Shale Energy Development (Planning) 24.07.18.pdf 6.48 MB