International Development and Relations


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Coronavirus - Iran Sanctions 27.04.20.pdf 301.7 KB
Girls in Crisis Launch Event 27.04.20.pdf 420.33 KB
Treatment of Uyghur Muslims in China 27.04.20.pdf 349.91 KB
Israeli Settlements and Trade 27.04.20.pdf 368.51 KB
Israel and Palestine 10.03.20.pdf 708.93 KB
Preventable Child Deaths 18.02.20.pdf 400.05 KB
Children in Emergencies 24.10.19.pdf 418.12 KB
'Let Refugees Learn' Refugee Action Campaign 23.10.19.pdf 432.53 KB
Hong Kong 18.09.19.pdf 2.37 MB
Hong Kong Protests 19.08.19.pdf 377.06 KB
Children in Emergencies 16.07.19.pdf 446.2 KB
Violence in Gaza (EDM 2161).pdf 895.31 KB
Arms Sales to Israel (EDM 1305) 26.06.18.pdf 816.61 KB
Bahrain (Human Rights Violations) 12.11.18.pdf 350.74 KB
Ban Hezbollah 07.03.2018.pdf 508.36 KB
EDM 158 20.03.2018.pdf 746.53 KB
EDM 865 20.03.2018.pdf 914.25 KB
EDM 1854 - Brazilian President 06.02.19.pdf 871.88 KB
EDM 2161 - Israel 20.03.19.pdf 884.19 KB
Education in Developing Countries 27.06.18.pdf 491.03 KB
Freedom of Religion 27.11.18.pdf 366.57 KB
Human Rights Defenders 15.11.18.pdf 383.94 KB
Israel Arms Embargo 29.05.18.pdf 597.59 KB
Israel Demolitions and Settlements 16.11.18 (1).pdf 307.57 KB
Israel Demolitions and Settlements 16.11.18.pdf 307.57 KB
Modern Slavery 03.10.18.pdf 369.73 KB
Operation Defend Israel - Hamas in Gaza 09.07.18.pdf 6.49 MB
Operation Defend Israel 21.11.18.pdf 348.12 KB
Palestine Human Rights Abuse 07.03.2018.pdf 992.05 KB
Persecution of Christians 07.03.2018.pdf 350.39 KB
'Stop Christophobia' Campaign 27.03.19.pdf 401.26 KB
Stop 'Israel Apartheid Week' 29.05.18.pdf 467.72 KB
The Modern Slavery Act 15.02.19.pdf 432.08 KB
The Occupation of Western Sahara 20.03.2018.pdf 298.73 KB
The Rohingya Crisis 28.09.18.pdf 6.4 MB
UK Aid and Palestinian Terrorism 09.01.19.pdf 389.6 KB
UK Relations with Saudi Arabia 26.11.18.pdf 404.68 KB
UN Relief and Work Agency 26.07.18.pdf 6.26 MB
Violence at the Gaza - Israel Border (EDM 1163) 19.07.18.pdf 5.56 MB
Yezidi Women (Isis Survivors) Exhibition 18.04.2018.pdf 258.18 KB
Cocoa Production 01.04.19.pdf 412.02 KB
Christmas Jumper Day 14.01.19.pdf 391.28 KB
Iran Nuclear Deal - EDM 1251 26.06.18.pdf 690.33 KB
Al Qurds Day March & Hezbollah 07.06.18.pdf 482.47 KB
The Balfour Declaration 29.05.18.pdf 341.55 KB
Internally Displaced People 17.05.18.pdf 660.73 KB