Meeting about Football Policing

I recently met with Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts of South Yorkshire Police to discuss the costs of policing professional football matches and potential solutions to this issue.

Brooke Weston Trust’s consultation on school opening hours

I have now received a response to my recent letter to Dr Andrew Campbell in respect of the Brooke Weston Trust’s consultation on school opening hours. You can find more information about the concerns which prompted my initial letter, here, and read the full text of Dr Campbell’s reply below.

Community Notices:

As part of Small Charities Week, which has run from the 17th - 21st June, I’ve been proud to support the Small Charities Coalition’s campaign: ‘Big Support Small’.

LTA Tennis Participation Event

I was pleased to attend an event held by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to learn more about their vision for opening tennis up to more people.

Surfers Against Sewage

I am proud to be supporting the Generation Sea pledge to protect our oceans from plastic pollution, climate change and sewage contamination, whilst allowing sea life to flourish.

DEFRA Question on UK produce

Food and drink exports are a key driver of our local economy and that of the wider UK, and we should promote our world leading brands and produce to new markets at every turn - so I asked the Minister how successful the Government’s ‘GREAT’ campaign has been at achieving exactly that!

Local developments on Policing

As someone who grew up in a policing family in our area, I feel really strongly about the importance of having police officers out on the beat, catching criminals and deterring crime, and local support for this comes across really strongly through my ‘Listening Campaign’.

Thank A Teacher Day

On Wednesday 19th June, it was ‘Thank a Teacher Day’; a chance to pay tribute to teachers across Corby & East Northamptonshire who work so hard to give children in our community the best start possible in life.