Local News


I thought that local residents and businesses in the Oundle area would be interested to hear that on the issue of the Oundle North Bridge and the repairs required to it, I have received a significant update in relation to the progress of this project. 


Kettering General Hospital’s new ‘Urgent Care Hub’ gets the green light!

Having campaigned hard on this for several years now, I was delighted to hear last Wednesday that Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s £46 million project for a new ‘Urgent Care Hub’ has been given the green light by the Government, and the funding will be allocated for it in the nex

The RSPCA's Bonfire Night campaign

Westminster may have been characterised by political fireworks in recent months, and we have a long tradition of them around Bonfire Night, but the RSPCA are focusing on their impact on pets as we approach that time of year.

Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert

I have recently been contacted about Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Alert to highlight the ways in which local people can work together to help reduce crime amongst other things.

Centrebus service update

Further to my recent update regarding Centrebus services in and around Corby, I have been keeping the pressure up around the need for solutions to be found for each of the existing routes and have been provided with a further welcome update doing just that, that I wanted to share, which explains