Local News

Community Notices

• Recently, the Cycle to Work Alliance got in touch with me to highlight the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme.

Visit to Booths Garden Studios in Upper Benefield

Sadly, a number of businesses have faced a challenging few months with Coronavirus, but it was good to hear of the recent successes of Booths Garden Studios in Upper Benefield and to see more of the work they do.

Visit to KM Packaging in Oundle

It was really good to visit KM Packaging in Oundle recently to understand more about the business and to discuss important matters, such as the forthcoming Plastics Tax and the impact this could have on the industry.

‘Green Recovery’ meeting

Recently, I hosted a ‘Zoom’ meeting with some Corby & East Northamptonshire residents to discuss how we can put the environment and people at the heart of our country’s COVID-19 recovery.

Speeding motorbikes in Hargrave

Recently, the ongoing issue of speeding motorbikes in and around Hargrave was brought to my attention, and so I was pleased to attend an open air meeting in the village, alongside parish, district and county councillors, to discuss a plan of action to address this dangerous problem.