Urgent Update on the Corby Landslip

I thought it might be useful to provide a quick update following the very worrying reports last night of the landslip in Corby leading to significant rail disruption and the need for hundreds of passengers to be evacuated from a northbound train to Nottingham.

In the last couple of hours, I have received the following update from Network Rail:

“Our engineers have been working throughout the day at Manton to allow the two trains which were stranded by the landslip and floodwater in the area to be removed from site.

One of the trains was removed at 1100 and the other was dug free and removal started around 1500. Around 40 tonnes of material is being removed from the track. We expect that this work will complete this evening and that the line will open to enable trains to run as planned tomorrow, Saturday 15 June.”

On behalf of us all, I want to say a huge “thank you” to all those involved in the very difficult evacuation, including from Network Rail and our local emergency services. These were very trying conditions and their work around the clock has, as ever, been hugely professional and tireless. I also thought it was characteristic of our Corby spirit to hear on national radio this morning the fact that one of the staff members on the train who lives locally had so kindly offered to put up a number of those passengers affected, who were concerned that they might not be able to make it home and would need a bed for the night.  I’ve no doubt that is just one of many examples of the kindness that has been shown and all those involved in responding to this incident are a real credit to our community."

I have asked Network Rail to keep me updated and I will be sure to share any further updates as and when I receive them.