Speeches in Parliament

Priorities for the new Government

During our new Prime Minister’s first Statement to the House of Commons, I was pleased to welcome his excellent plan to recruit 20,000 more police officers to patrol our streets.

MHCLG Question on housing growth and infrastructure

At MHCLG Questions, I asked the former Secretary of State what efforts his Department is undertaking to ensure that there is coordination across Government to cater for the infrastructure needs of areas that are seeing rapid housing growth and development, such as Corby & East Northamptonshir

Transport Question on the Leyland Bridge and the progress of works:

Network Rail’s commitment to rebuild the Leyland Bridge is very welcome and much-needed, but I want clarity on when the works will start and when they will be completed, so at Transport Questions, I asked the Minister to help us obtain exactly that, and to apply any pressure he can to secure spee

Home Office Question on policing numbers:

Despite rightly having made extra funding available for policing this year, there is clearly still more to do, so I asked the Home Secretary what difference putting 20,000 extra officers out on the beat would make in practical terms on the ground - exactly as Boris Johnson has welcomely promised

Justice Question on Prisons and Reoffending:

At Justice Questions, I asked the Secretary of State about the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review and what his pitch would be to the Treasury in the area of prisons and schemes to reduce reoffending.

Defence Question on Mentoring Schemes for Veterans:

During Defence Questions, I raised the important role of mentoring schemes for veterans, especially those focussed on veterans who have fallen into the criminal justice system, and enquired as to whether this will be a forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review priority for the Ministry of Defence