Speeches in Parliament

DEFRA Question on UK produce

Food and drink exports are a key driver of our local economy and that of the wider UK, and we should promote our world leading brands and produce to new markets at every turn - so I asked the Minister how successful the Government’s ‘GREAT’ campaign has been at achieving exactly that!

Home Office Question on violent crime

Violent crime is a concerning issue and one featuring highly in the media of late, and during an Urgent Question on violent crime, I raised the issue of social media channels promoting violent behaviour and gang violence.

MHCLG Question on local government reform in Northamptonshire

At MHCLG questions, I asked the Minister for Local Government what assessment the Secretary of State had made of progress towards the unitarisation of local government in Northamptonshire, and what efforts are being made to ensure that the diverse communities of North Northamptonshire are fully r

Transport Question on the rebuilding of the Leyland Bridge

During a question on the accountability of Network Rail, I asked the Minister to help us keep the pressure up on Network Rail to ensure that the works to get the Leyland Bridge on Irthlingborough Road rebuilt are started and completed as soon as possible.

Transport Question – A45

The Government has consistently committed to dualling the stretch of the A45 between Stanwick and Thrapston, so at Transport Questions I called on fellow Northamptonshire MP and newly appointed Transport Minister, Michael Ellis MP, to do everything he can to ensure that the necessary environmenta

UQ on Northamptonshire Serious Case Reviews

In an Urgent Question following the publication of the Serious Case Reviews relating to the shocking and horrendous murders of two toddlers in Northamptonshire, I asked the Minister what lessons can be learned to ensure that the failings in these horrific cases can never be repeated.

Home Office Question on a Fairer Immigration System

The strong message that came out of the referendum is that people want an immigration system that is underpinned by the principle of fairness - treating people equally, regardless of where they come from in the world, unlike EU free-movement.