Volunteering to help those in need during the COVID-19 outbreak

To assist with collating volunteering efforts, the County Council’s website also hosts a facility for people to register any offers of support online, which you can find, here:


People can also register by calling 0300 126 1000, or by emailing nccg.communityresilience.covid19@nhs.net.

The various partners coordinating the effort are particularly looking for community groups and volunteers who can offer help with the areas shown below, but all offers of help and support will be considered. 

  • Tackling loneliness – people can feel isolated and particularly vulnerable during this period of uncertainty and we need to provide support for them either through phone or face-to-face contact where appropriate.
  • Collecting prescriptions – people who are unable to leave the house may be concerned about their medication and we need to find volunteers who can help with local prescription pick-ups.
  • Community support – we need support transporting food items and helping out in kitchens.

Ensuring our most vulnerable residents feel safe and supported right now is a key priority as part of our response to the COVID-19 outbreak and I know that any offers of help and support through the portal would be hugely appreciated.

I also understand they are currently working on establishing another section of the website as part of the Community Resilience Service, where residents can register online if they feel they need support. People will also be able to register by phone for this important service in due course.

If we all follow the public health advice, stick together and help and support each other, I know we will get through this both as a community and as a country, and together, defeat this dreadful disease.