DIT ‘MP Exporting Toolkit’ launch

It was fantastic to be at the launch of the new ‘MP Exporting Toolkit’, created by the Department for International Trade and led by the Secretary of State, Dr Liam Fox.

Home Office Question on policing numbers:

Despite rightly having made extra funding available for policing this year, there is clearly still more to do, so I asked the Home Secretary what difference putting 20,000 extra officers out on the beat would make in practical terms on the ground - exactly as Boris Johnson has welcomely promised

Knocking on doors and listening to you!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a number of superb sessions of knocking on doors in Irthlingborough, ahead of the Irthlingborough Waterloo By-election on the 8th August, with lots of useful feedback on the local and national issues of concern.

Oundle Repair Café

It was super to visit the first very well attended ‘Repair Café’ in Oundle last weekend to see the ways in which people are up-cycling items.

Visit to Cheaney and Sons

I really enjoyed visiting Cheaney & Sons just over the constituency border in Desborough, as they employ a number of people from Corby & East Northamptonshire, and export their impressive catalogue of beautifully crafted shoes around the world.

National Citizen Service

It was great to join the young people participating in this summer’s National Citizen Service in Corby recently. I was so impressed by their social action projects, which they had clearly put a lot of time and effort into and will certainly benefit the local community.

'Love Swimming'

As a keen swimmer myself, I am very pleased to be supporting the ‘Love Swimming’ campaign, which has been organised by Swim England to mark their 150th anniversary, with the aim of encouraging more people to swim regularly.