Question about funding for Care after Combat:

During an Urgent Question, the Minister of State for Justice mentioned a £700 million underspend in the probation system, so I asked if he would redirect just a small part of that to Care after Combat, whose work in prisons is working, and is dramatically reducing reoffending amongst veterans in

Visiting Hazel Leys Academy in Corby:

I had a great time on my visit to Hazel Leys Academy in Corby at the beginning of March. I was honoured to see their brand new running track, and be the first person to walk on it!

Knocking on doors in Easton-on-the-hill:

It was great to be out on Sunday morning knocking on doors and listening to local concerns, in the beautiful village of Easton-on-the-Hill. I always really enjoy meeting local residents, as it is crucial for learning exactly what you want for our community and our country!