Question on extending Article 50:

On Monday, during an Urgent Question about a possible delay to Brexit, I asked the Minister, following the two defeats in the House of the proposed Withdrawal Agreement by large margins, what did he think would be any different on the 29th April, 29th May or 29th June, in that regard.

Community Notices:

- As of Monday 4th March, the Cottingham Road bridge in Corby has been subject to a partial closure as vital work takes place to improve safety for bridge users.

My letter to the Secretary of State for Transport about the Leyland Bridge:

The Leyland Bridge, over the main railway line between Wellingborough and St Pancras International, was meant to have been re-installed by mid-April 2019 - however, it has become apparent in recent weeks that no replacement is to be built, and many local people have been in touch to express their

Meeting with the Drive Project to support veterans:

This week, I met with representatives from the Drive Project, talking about ‘Making Generation R’ - an incredible project that provides support and development for a great number of people.

Meeting with Corby Limited to discuss Shelton Road:

At their request, I had a very informative meeting this week with Corby Limited, the developers working on a site in Corby at Shelton Road which already has planning permission to build a gasification plant - a proposal that I opposed back at the time, in support of the very well organised local

Shamima Begum, and the Home Secretary's decision:

On the case of Shamima Begum, I asked a question to the Home Secretary, highlighting the fact that in his role he must make difficult decisions such as this, based on information that he is simply unable to share in the public domain for intelligence and security reasons.