Meeting with Oundle Town Council about the ongoing planning issues in the town:

It was very useful to meet with representatives of Oundle Town Council to discuss the best way forward on the important issue of local housing development in the town. Following the meeting, I have written to East Northamptonshire Council asking for an urgent meeting to unblock this unacceptable situation, where local wishes are being ignored and inappropriate sites are being earmarked for development, rather than those which are locally supported and which are frankly more suitable. With that in mind, I have also written to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government, seeking his support in emphasising the crucial need for local wishes to be respected in our development plans here in East Northamptonshire and highlighting my concern that the right of local people to decide where development is, and is not acceptable - the essence of neighbourhood planning - is not happening in this case. I will continue to follow this issue closely, as to my mind it is important that the most appropriate sites are developed so that the necessary housing can be delivered to meet local need, but with as little impact as possible on our local infrastructure and the rural character of our town.