I'm backing Boris!

I’m backing Boris!

As you will know, the Conservative Party leadership contest has been taking place recently. I initially backed Dominic Raab for leader, as I felt that he would be a fresh face, an excellent negotiator to get Brexit delivered, and he had an exciting policy agenda for beyond Brexit, with a real focus on skills and apprenticeships for our young people. Unfortunately, Dominic was eliminated from the race, but what I am looking for in the next Prime Minister has not changed. I am committed to the fundamental principle that the United Kingdom must leave the European Union on time, as planned, on the 31st October - there has been enough delay, and rightly, the British people have had enough. And, that is why I am backing Boris Johnson to deliver a proper Brexit by the 31st October: no ifs, no buts. I also consider that his track-record as London Mayor - the greatest city on earth - proves he has what it takes to govern and get things done - as his record on violent crime, cutting taxes, running a strong economy bringing new jobs and investment, and on the environment, amongst many others, proves. As Prime Minister he’ll deliver on those priority areas again for our entire country.

I would therefore urge you to join me, and sign up to Boris' campaign at www.backboris.com!