Have you got what it takes to work in international trade? Scheme to find the UK’s future trade experts

The International Trade Secretary has launched the world’s first international trade training scheme to grow the UK’s talent pool of future negotiators, policy makers and HM Trade Commissioners. The exciting two-year programme is an alternative to traditional graduate schemes, aimed at people of all ages and experience levels and includes international placements with the Department for International Trade (DIT) in one of its 127 locations, which include places such as New York, Beijing, Johannesburg, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Singapore. It pays an annual salary of up to £30,000. Candidates don’t need to have a degree or previous experience in government – instead, DIT is asking for a commitment to learn and work in one of the most fascinating and complex subject areas in global economics, so why not apply! Applications close on the 4th August 2019. Visit readytotrade.co.uk to find out more and apply.