‘FaceTime a Farmer’ - awareness of the environment and food production among young people:

At DEFRA Questions, I asked the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Food, what steps his Department is taking to promote awareness of the environment and food production among young people. He explained that young people are at the heart of this year’s ‘Year of Green Action’, and that he is working with the Department for Education on the £10 million flagship children and nature programme, which supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds to give them better access to the natural environment. Further, he works closely with the DfE to promote awareness of pathways into food and farming careers. This is particularly pertinent as one of the farmers in our area, Tom Martin, has set-up a fantastic initiative called ‘FaceTime a Farmer’, which enables pupils to engage with agricultural and rural issues in the classroom via a video link with farmers out in their fields. I consequently asked the Minister if he would join me in congratulating Tom on spearheading this brilliant initiative, and if he would also be interested in a meeting to learn more about it. The Minister agreed that this is an exciting initiative, and he would be delighted to meet to discuss it further - something I am delighted about, as this is such a great scheme, as it is vital that young people learn about where there food is from!