Oxfam Second Hand September:

This month, Oxfam is launching a new campaign to promote sustainable fashion and help tackle climate change - ‘Second Hand September’.

Community Notices:

East Northamptonshire Council and Freedom Leisure have joined up to celebrate local sports clubs and personalities across the district and the excellent work they do in our local communities to promote and champion sporting participation.

Tumble dryer safety campaign:

Sadly, 724 fires were caused by tumble dryers in England last year; a number Electrical Safety are quite rightly looking to drastically reduce.

My video on the summer recess:

Despite what some newspapers might have you believe, there really is no such thing as Summer Recess! Yes, the House of Commons isn’t sitting, but this summer, as ever, I am focusing hard on the constituency issues that really matter to you.

Pension Credit campaign - are you eligible?

It is important that older people who are entitled to receive Pension Credit do receive it, and following correspondence I have received from Independent Age, I am pleased to reaffirm that the Department for Work & Pensions is working hard to ensure that this happens and I am keen to help and

The new urgent response police base in Corby

Having been actively discussing the need for a new urgent response police base in Corby with the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Stephen Mold, and others at Northamptonshire Police for months, it is really good to see this deal done and to see this facility based at the Cube.

Closure of the Centrebus depot in Corby:

Having been informed of the impending closure of the Centrebus depot in Corby, I wanted to highlight the serious nature with which I am treating this news.