The A43/Steel Road

I was recently informed that the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government is providing Marginal Viability Funding to support the A43/Steel Road project and the potential future housing this will help to unlock. This is more great news for our area in terms of boosting our infrastructure to support the new homes that are being built and I am pleased that the local council was successful in applying for this funding. Whilst this funding does not explicitly include an element to provide a much-needed pedestrian crossing for residents between Priors Hall and Weldon, I am keen for Northamptonshire County Council to consider including one, as this has understandably been raised as a concern by residents on a number of occasions. As such, I recently raised this request with the Minister and following his advice, I will again raise it with the local authority - let’s hope common sense can prevail and they factor a new crossing into these works.