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Food Standards 04.06.19.pdf 436.89 KB
Climate Change 24.05.19.pdf 559.25 KB
Save Our Paths 24.05.19.pdf 380.72 KB
Air Quality and Pollution (Non-Car) 11.07.18.pdf 354.56 KB
Ancient Woodland & Planning Policy 21.06.18.pdf 4.16 MB
Animal Cruelty Sentencing 12.04.2018.pdf 276.74 KB
Animal Testing 17.01.2018.pdf 872.02 KB
Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary 10.08.18.pdf 339.38 KB
Climate Change and Energy Efficient Homes 07.03.2018.pdf 470.3 KB
Earthquake Regulations 20.03.19.pdf 0 bytes
End the Caging of Pheasants 15.02.19.pdf 834.41 KB
Environment Bill 15.02.19.pdf 469.97 KB
Factory Farming 03.10.18..pdf 6.56 MB
Foie Gras 31.01.19.pdf 352.4 KB
Food Labelling and Allergens 07.12.18.pdf 373.81 KB
Food Poverty and Food Banks 09.07.18.pdf 320.88 KB
Fur 12.04.2018.pdf 274.38 KB
Future Agricultural Policy 28.01.19.pdf 383.84 KB
Gamebird Battery Cages 17.09.18.pdf 6.43 MB
Hormone Injected Beef 09.05.18.pdf 304.62 KB
Horse Tethering 23.01.19.pdf 2.47 MB
Lion Conservation and Trophy Imports 09.07.18.pdf 6.47 MB
Live Animal Exports 29.05.18.pdf 355.37 KB
National Pollinator Strategy 12.11.18.pdf 337.3 KB
Pet Theft 11.07.18.pdf 329.65 KB
Plastic Free Parliament 11.07.18.pdf 584.44 KB
Plastic Pollution 13.03.19.pdf 449.01 KB
Puppy Smuggling 22.11.18.pdf 372.1 KB
Racehorse Welfare and Safety 26.11.18.pdf 327.54 KB
Repeal Bill and the Environment 11.06.18.pdf 438.52 KB
Save Our Paths 15.01.19.pdf 352.85 KB
The Agriculture Bill 15.02.19.pdf 398.46 KB
The Central Equine Database 21.03.2018.pdf 322.44 KB
Trophy Hunting and Imports - EDM 1829 09.01.19.pdf 888.36 KB
Unicef Toxic Air Campaign 27.02.19.pdf 433.73 KB
Water Industry Nationalisation - EDM 1711 22.11.18.pdf 744.55 KB
Wild Animals in Circuses 18.06.18.pdf 271.54 KB